Month: March 2011

Episode #60 – Leggings Still Not Pants

Religion is dying in a number of countries, studies say. Mark Zuckerberg speaks to a half-filled Marriott Center at BYU. The Zuck was with Orrin Hatch, talking about technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Details on the show. An over-zealous BYU student decides that leggings are not pants, and that they will ruin your life and make you look terrible. He is a fiend. Updates on temple construction worldwide! The LDSTech Conference is filled up! Get there, people! And online missionaries make us happy. So very, very happy. Links: Religion goes by-by Moroni adorns KC Temple Yet another stupid Mormon Times article about Conference food LDSTech Conference Way to Facebook, missionaries! Mormons in Baseball Will Swenson directs a special film Zuckerberg at BYU Leggings actually are pants Congrats to Janna Mcferson’s FHE Book getting picked up by Deseret Book! BUY IT!...

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Episode #59 – The Immaculate Confection

Podcast: Play in new window | Download ()Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Podcasts | RSSBlah blah blah. Jimmer. March Madness. Blah blah blah. The .xxx domain name finally gets approval from ICANN after the Bush administration effectively blocked the motion for years. Family groups are up in arms, but is this really a bad thing? Updates on missionaries in Japan, the Church’s involvement in Japan, and Lovers in Japan. An innocent, humble BYU student gets fired for blurting out an expletive while at work. Listen here to hear the story. The Shakers were once many, but are now just three. THREE! Richard B. Wirthlin, former head pollster for Reagan, Seventy, and brother of Joseph B. Wirthlin, passes away at age 80. We were tired of not having a reason to love McKay Coppins, so we created one for ourselves. Find out how. Links: Richard Wirthlin passes .xxx domain name approve Shakers! Jesus Fish Chocolates! Current evidence suggests God has a wife Japan Home teaching aids the effort Missionaries in Sendai sent home early Fired for swearing Follow McKay Coppins on...

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Episode #58 – LDS Tech Makes Us Uglier

Podcast: Play in new window | Download ()Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Podcasts | RSSSome updates on Church efforts in Japan following the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear explosions, etc. The Dalai Lama is retiring, at least politically-speaking. What does this have to do with the Mormon world?  Everything! Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of “South Park” and the new musical, “The Book of Mormon,” made an appearance on “The Daily Show” to promote their new musical. It was pretty interesting, mostly due to Jon Stewart’s over-the-top enthusiasm for the whole thing. Should your TWiM hosts go and see it? Bring back the beard! A blog devoted to bringing beards back to the Church. Geoff rants against LDS Tech. In fact, it seems he hates LDS Tech. Why the love for Apple? Where’s the Android love? What did we do to deserve this?? Also, Al calls himself a “technophobe” … Mormon Stories is a great podcast. Check it out. We discuss this past week’s show, which dealt with some pretty heady stuff. We won’t even write it on here, but listen in. It was actually the base of one of the more serious discussions we’ve had on TWiM. We know, right? TWiM? Serious??? Al makes a doof of himself in front of Harry Reid. …Other assorted joys. Clicking these is hardcore. You are bi-winning: Newsroom updates on tsunami...

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Episode #57 – Road Trip to the End of the World

Recap on  Daviesgate. Thanks for commenting on Geoff’s post. Keep it up! The Honor Code is certainly a thrilling topic of discussion. Al. Geoff. Two forlorn men on a quest to find love. We will tell you what the problem is, ladies, and what you can do to fix it. The world is ending on May 21. Take that, Aztecs. Time Magazine has decided that having children ruins families. Wait, what? Geoff hates “Glee,” and Daily Universe writers should be ashamed of themselves. Utah does well in a Gallup poll gauging the Happiness Index. Poor Kentucky. Assorted items: Phoenix temple gets parking, upcoming LDS Tech conference. Clicking! Brandon Davies was not the first BYU athlete to get the boot for getting busy We must all marry Romanians End of the world! (see below) Families stink Ruddy Glee Happiness index Phoenix temple parking Differences between Huntsman and Romney LDS Tech conference. Email us!...

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The Dishonor Code – It’s Time For a Change

I’m not exactly breaking news by discussing BYU basketball star Brandon Davies’ recent dismissal from the hopeful championship squad due to a grievous Honor Code infraction. However, given the press BYU and the Honor Code are receiving, it is appropriate to discuss the ramifications of Daviesgate, as well as the current state of the Honor Code in glorious Provo. Portions of the Honor Code date back to the days of the Brigham Young Academy, but back then it was more in an effort to ensure that the Academy’s students abided by Church doctrine. There were no grooming standards or...

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