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Episode #76 – Fox Is Not Your Friend

We come to you live from exotic Myrtle Beach, SC! Myrtle Mayhem!

Ainsley Earhardt, a Fox News correspondent, says that Mitt Romney is “not Christian.” This has really incensed not just Latter-day Saints, but many Mormon apologists across a wide religious spectrum. Fair and balanced. Right.

Noted blogger and social media magnate Jesse Stay writes and insightful and inviting piece about reasons to believe the Church. This is one of the better reads we’ve come across in some time.

The Church’s tax-exempt status has been called into question as the Church seeks to mollify those who would attempt to strip it.

Utah Democrats are rocking the casbah.

France is getting a temple! Awesome! This sparks a discussion about general Church administration, namely the rationale behind temples in places where the work is actually receding.

Lil Wayne and Jimmer. Together forever.

The Mormon Times is gone! Well, sorta.

Touch me for luck:

  1. Christiangate
    1. Basic story on Fox news and Romney
    2. Op-ed criticizing Fox News
    3. Joanna Brooks has her say
  2. Jesse Stay’s great piece
  3. Church’s tax-exempt status
  4. Utah Democrats
  5. Temple in France
  6. Toronto consolidates missions
  7. Li’l Wayne raps Jimmer
  8. Angel Moroni tops Brigham City Temple
Geoff Openshaw


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  • Christina Bishop

    Just a small correction. Ainsley Earnhardt is actually a woman, however neither of her two male counterparts made any attempt to correct her. In fact, they didn't even seem to find anything wrong with what she said. Sigh. Fox News…grrrrrrrrr. Thanks for talking about this!

    Also, I love that Al said that you're like Newsies trying to sell papes and that Geoff completely missed it. Shame.

    I wonder if they announced the France temple on the 15th, because it was the day after Bastille Day? I mean, I'd definitely say that a temple is ample reason to celebrate, no?

    Really good show this week, guys!

    • Robert Gibbons

      Actually, the press in France announced the temple first and even published a rendering of the apparent temple design (notably without a steeple).… This probably necessitated the church to confirm or deny the report.

      So the cat was already out of the bag by the time Pres. Monson made his announcement.

      • TWiM

        Robert! It's been too long. We thought you abandoned us.

        Interesting rendering. I can't imagine they would build something so…pedestrian? Gone are the days of not including a Moroni on temples. I mean we've even basically retconned existing ones that were sans Moroni and added it. Moroni is branding. I can't see them building the thing without it.

        Great find, though. Totally explains why something as awe-inducing as a temple in France wasn't saved for Conference.


  • dude from the south

    I”m dissappointed that you guys stated people leave the church due to pride. My count is up to 12 people I personally know who have left and none have been due to pride. Doctrinal inconsistencies, troubling church history, racism, family abuse etc. Please show a little emphathy in the future — as elder price said “we are still latter day saints — all of us” … Even those who leave.

    • TWiM

      I'm sorry if we weren't showing empathy. But in the end, so many of these things – even the ones you listed – come down to pride. Also, bear in mind we were talking about the people we knew. Doctrinal inconsistencies is a very valid area, but how many of these people take the time to step back and just read the Book of Mormon and pray about it again? Sure, you could argue that the book is true and the Church has basically strayed from its course if you really wanted to, but, save some minor grammatical tweaks over the years, the Church's canon remains the same as it was in pioneer days.

      I'm not saying people don't have their reasons, but if they experienced racism, it was because of the faults of the members of the Church, not the teachings of the Church itself. If they experience abuse it was through individuals, not something sanctioned by Salt Lake. Yes, if any of that behavior was somehow condoned by HQ, I, too, would need to take pause and rethink some allegiances.

    • TWiM

      DFTS, "we are still latter day saints — all of us" is well said. Sorry if I offended, wasn't the intent. -Al

      • dude from the south

        I disagree with the first reply (this is not the time or place to show problems with our canon / faith), but the second reply reminds me that you guys are class acts. Good guys with good hearts … keep it up fellas. BTW, … Not offended (we choose to be offended after all!) … just a little dissappointed. Continue being yourselves.

      • TWiM

        You're a jerk, Al


  • Chino_Blanco

    What DFTS said. I follow TWIM religiously and appreciated the heads up about Jesse Stay's public confession of his faith. Sadly, Jesse apparently doesn't appreciate my comments 'cuz they keep disappearing. What's up with that?

    • TWiM

      White Chinese Man, this is very sad.

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