Month: February 2012

Episode #108 – Bottgate the Bottracist

Quite the unfortunate week for Randy Bott, famed and beloved religion professor at BYU. His statements to the Washington Post┬áspark controversy about racism. Are Mormons actually wary of publicly supporting Mitt Romney? The answer may surprise you. The Jews/Hindus/Everyone temple baptism drama continues, but at least some bloggers are fighting back against unrealistic demands by the “affected” communities. Martin Luther will insult you! Great site. Why dey do dat? Our new segment. Also, some temple news, lying to bishops, waiting out the RLDS church, and another LDS Tech conference. Links: Bottgate Original Post article Planned protests Joanna Brooks responds Church Newsroom response Mormons wary of publicly supporting Mitt Temple Baptism recap Terrific explanation of baptisms Otterson on importance of temple baptisms Mark Paredes – enough is enough Martin Luther insults Register for the LDS Tech conference Manaus open...

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Episode #107 – Tommy’s Prize-Winning Birds

This Week in Mormons is the premiere Mormon-centered podcast. On this week’s show: Tough week for the Church in the aftermath of having baptized more Holocaust victims Elizabeth Smart gets married Awesome Slate profile of Yeah Samake, the LDS man running for president of Mali State-by-state breakdown of LDS population by county Why do Mormons love Pinterest, and are we late adopters of technology? Santorum aides are angry about Mitt Romney not being questioned more about his Mormonism Links: Yeah Samake Church toughens policy on unsanctioned temple baptisms Mormon map of America Mormons and Pinterest All Dead Mormons Are Now Gay Liz Smart and the Ugly Scotsman Santorum’s Mormon gripes Robert Jeffress decides to vote for a Mormon WSJ profile of Mormon...

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Episode #106 – Look! Ammon!

Great show this week! Defending the priesthood; opposition to the Paris Temple; why I’m a Mormon Democrat; Holocaust victims baptized (d’oh); Otterson speaks on affinity fraud; MoTab performing in Arizona – and more! Clicks: Mormon Midrashim Opposition to Paris Temple Why I’m a Mormon Democrat Holocaust victim baptized Otterson on affinity fraud MoTab heads to Jan Brewer country BYU student found dead in Australia Mormonism and the presidency – don’t worry Scriptures for...

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