This Week in Mormons

Episode #104 – Aurally Yours

We address our alleged criticisms of LDS church leaders. Seeking understand is quite different from railing against Salt Lake.

Elder Marlin K. Jensen has some frank words to share about the state of the Church and how levels of attrition are the highest they’ve been since pioneer days. How is the Church dealing with this? It’s pretty interesting.

A man says the Church stole his paintings

Updates on how the Honor Code at BYU suppresses freedom of religion.

A number of mainstream media stories highlight three great aspects of the Church – garments, tithing, and the nature of the afterlife.

Mitt Romney basically denied the First Vision. Great job, Mitt!


  1. Elder Jensen and dealing with the modern age
  2. Tackling tough aspects of Mormon history
  3. Response to BYU not supporting religious freedom
  4. The Church – art thief
  5. McKay explains garments
  6. Mormons and tithing
  7. GQ takes on tithing
  8. Hell for Mormons
  9. NYT – Mormon cuisine
  10. BYU is the hottest campus in the nation
  11. The best BYUSA candidate ever

Geoff Openshaw


Geoff Openshaw is an international development consultant as well as the Managing Editor and Executive Producer of the This Week in Mormons podcast. He is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh and Brigham Young University and loves all sorts of nerdy geopolitical stuff. He also writes and performs music and really, really loves Del Taco.

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  • Dude from da south

    If folks think you’re critical of the faith they obviously haven’t heard Mormon Expression podcast! You guys are doing just fine. If the celestial crowd can’t hang, send them over to the official correlated church sponsored podcasts … A sure cure for insomnia.

  • Tevya

    If people aren't getting the show via your RSS feed, how will they know to take the survey? I highly recommend setting it back up and utilizing Feedburner, so you know how many people are using it. Just an idea :)

    • TWiM

      We use Feedburner but it's currently not grabbing the weekly feed; stalled at Episode 96. :(

      • Tevya

        Sorry for the slow response, but I do WordPress websites for a living. If you'd like me to take a look and see if I can get it fixed, I'd be happy to. This is the first episode I've listened to, but it sounds like you guys are doing and promoting good things, so I'd be happy to help out if I can. Over at Mormon Life Hacker, RSS is the largest source of regular, recurring traffic.

  • Tevya

    Link to the Mitt Romney clip?

  • Sean

    Excellent episode guys. I've never considered your comments about the church to be critical. Rather, I have appreciated the questions you've raised, and am thoroughly enjoying the show overall. Granted I only discovered your podcast a few weeks ago, but since then I have powered through about 30 episodes. I have partaken of most of those while at work, and I'll have you know that you are responsible for no less than a 6% decrease in my productivity. Nicely done!

    • TWiM

      Hi Sean,

      How'd you find the show? Just trying to do some free market research. :)

      Thanks for listening. Apologies to your employer!

      • Sean

        I believe I was searching for LDS podcasts in iTunes when I discovered the show.

        • TWiM

          Awesome. Glad you like it! Hope you'll spread the word! Thanks for listening and for your comments!

          So many exclamation points!

  • Kevin

    Hi Guys: I really enjoy the show, so thanks very much. I'm also glad that you corrected that guy who said he was just making a stylistic choice in writing "Latter Day" instead of "Latter-day".

    You did him a good turn. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is actually a whole different church than The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Those Big D guys are Strangites: Followers of James Jesse Strang, who led a large group of Saints to Wisconsin and Michigan while Brigham Young led most of the rest to Utah. Thanks for keeping things straight!

    • TWiM

      Ha! Awesome.

      The author in question is McKay Coppins, with whom we have a love/hate relationship that stems back from the beginning of our show.

  • Abby


    I was wondering what the name of the song that is at the end of the episode is? Thanks :)

    • TWiM

      Hey Abby,

      Thanks for listening. We used to keep a page on the site that listed the music used in every episode, but I got too lazy to keep it up, so I yanked it. In moments like this, I wish it were there!

      The song is "Cometas por el cielo" by the Spanish/Basque band La Oreja de Van Gogh.


  • Camilla G Berard

    Hallelujah! Prayers being anwered. I 'fell' upon this broadcast a couple of weeks ago and have been spamming my iPhone speaker relentlessly ever since. I am happy to announce that I feel I have been 'found' in this small country of Sweden, where 'mormons' and wards are few and far in-between. You bring me the business people! I cry, laugh and ponder up a storm each time I have digested an episode. As long as you continue with your poignant program, I remain found, and will be a loyal listener… but I follow Christ :)

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