Month: March 2012

Live Conference Tie-Tracker

What is the Tie-Tracker? We kept track of every tie worn throughout this weekend’s General Conference. Why? Why not? Well it was a big win for stripes, folks. Patterned ties surged during the final session, but in the end, no one could touch the stripes. As expected, red ties dominated the color palette. Blue was a close second, but the real surprise was purple, with six appearances. It took until the Priesthood session for green to show up for the games, but in the end, it beat out yellow, orange, silver, and brown. Good job, green! And really, yellow and orange basically only happened because The Silver Fox has mutant tie-changing...

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Episode #112 – Liahonaroo (QuinceaƱera Romney)

Elder Holland visits Harvard. Will Apostles play a greater role in actual testifying to the masses in the future? Conference predictions! Porn? Public Affairs? Judgment? What are your Priesthood Session traditions? Chuck-A-Rama? Dairy Queen? The grocery store? Mormons replace Bonnaroo. The Shins are not holy enough. Orange County LDS teens have their own prom. Way to reach out to the community, guys. Neighbors take issue with the massive new MTC building. Do LDS neighbors have an obligation to support an eyesore in their neighborhood? Are primary songs sexist? Assorted: City Creek opens and the First Presidency attends; Mitt Romney’s cousin is somehow important; Apostles explained; first YSA stake outside of Utah to be organized in Virginia; a day in the life of two sister missionaries Rub my belly: First YSA stake outside of UT Mormon Apostles? Liahonaroooooo Holland rocks Harvard City Creek opens The Provo City Center Temple – Official Park Romney is mean A day in the life of missionaries Mammoth storehouse Mormon teens have own prom Priesthood traditions HUGE MTC...

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Book of Mormon Lesson 13 – “The Allegory of the Olive Trees”

Sunday School Bonanza – Ten-minute Gospel Doctrine awesomeness. Please subscribe in iTunes or grab the RSS feed. Jacob 5-6 We break down the Allegory of the Olive Trees, discussing the symbolism involved, the purpose, and how we stand to benefit from taking more time to understand the allegory. Teacher’s manual Student manual Great breakdown in Meridian Magazine

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Episode #111 – There’s No Apostrophe There!

Geoff gives us a recap of his trip to Palmyra, NY, replete with some updates on Bottgate. Al does some investigative reporting on how to pay one’s tithing online. Have you seen You can PAY to have a site created that replicates Facebook! The Mormon Bachelor is starting up again. Do we get involved? Various: President Uchtdorf flies with the Blue Angels! A Volunteering infographic! Church-wide email about temple baptisms! The Church does Facebook Timeline! Provo sells 100. S to the Church! Gladys gets interviewed by BET! A nine-story MTC building! And on a serious note, a missionary in Brazil was hit by a bus. Our thoughts are with him and his family. Links: YSACentral will change social media forever Volunteerism in the Church Uchtdorf goes flying 100 S. goes to the Church Church-wide email about temple baptisms Huge MTC building The Mormon Bachelor finalists! Gladys interviewed on BET New, good book about the Church Embrace the Church’s Facebook timeline Missionary hit by bus in...

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