This Week in Mormons

Episode #109 – Slate or Blade or Wesley aka Teancum Got Greedy

He Just Got Too Happy With That Javelin

So much zany fun this week!

The controversial City Creek mall is slated to open in a few weeks, not without some drama.

A hardcore action Book of Mormon movie! The next Titanic!

An LDS “priest in training” gets in some hot water by showing a wee too much skin.

Jesse Stay, the Church’s lead tech guy, has an article on Techcrunch, which is a pretty big deal.

Hungary’s fascist government officially recognizes the Church.

Does Mitt’s Mormonism fuel his perceived inauthenticity?

Slate’s Political Gabfest jumps into the baptism mess, Southern Virginia University gets a new president, the Church sues over some singed land, and contraception is working just fine.

Times and Seasons also gave TWiM some love!


  1. “Mormon Mall” set to open
  2. Book of Mormon action!
  3. Hungary recognizes the Church
  4. Tune in to Babestation 2
  5. Jesse Stay on Techcrunch
  6. SVU’s new president
  7. Does Mormonism fuel Mitt’s authenticity gap?
  8. Romney loves contraception
  9. Church sues over some burns
  10. Another Joanna Brooks profile
  11. What Mormons can teach the IRS
  12. Times and Seasons lists us on Bottgate!
  13. Slate jumps on baptisms

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  • Sean

    Hey guys. I very much enjoyed the show as usual. Apart from the discussion on tithing, there was one other comment that started me thinking. It was in regard to the roommate that has already made his first "couples" friend. I am a happily married man, but I can attest to the horrid nature of initiating those couples friendships. My wife has been known to instigate these relationships with acquaintances. It feels as though I'm being subjected to a sort of play date to be perfectly honest. I assume the intent is that I'll get along well with the other guy and all will be well. However, the wives inevitably break off into a side conversation and I'm left forcing small talk with a stranger. After a couple of hours of awkward pauses and feigned interest we go home; her talking about how well the night went, and me simply feeling relieved that it's over. Perhaps this makes me a social misfit, but nothing could be further from the days of my bachelorhood when I could freely choose my friends on the basis of mutual interest and respect. Truthfully the whole thing is amusing to me, but it is strange that after marriage all friendships tend to be framed according to relationship status.

    Anyway, I am thoroughly enjoying the show and make a point to download the podcast each week. Also, I finally caught up on all of the back episodes that I had missed before discovering the show. Well that's not entirely true. I still haven't listened to the lost 116 episodes or whatever that aren't in iTunes. I'll have to dig those up on here one day.


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