Month: April 2012

Episode #116 – Barry the Mac

Lots of hot news this week. Let’s get right down to it. Clickers for Clicks AND Cliques: An Episcopal priest tours the Kansas City Temple Brigham City Temple dedication dates The media comes after McKay Coppins Mitt Romney’s underwear Romney adds gay adviser to staff. Who cares? Gay rights activists feel that the Church is softening its stance Circling the Wagons – again Montana governor slams Romney on polygamy Kirby goes mainstream The whiter the skin, the closer to God? Dems are anti-Mormon? Jews love...

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Episode #115 – Occupy Zarahemla (Kucinich 2016)

Were Mormons socialists back in the day? A guy at thinks so. Some updates from the Newsroom on same gender attraction. The New York Times follows around two missionaries in Uganda. Fascinating and pretty accurate portrayal of the realities of a mission. GOP to Mitt Romney: Own your Mormonism How crazy is scrutiny towards the Church going to get in the next six months? We have some thoughts. Assorted: MLB Mormon update 2012, historic chapel gets razed, and a super cute little girl sings “Redeemer of Israel” Links: New York Times and missionaries Newsroom: Same-gender attraction When Mormons were socialists Be a Mormon, Mitt MLB Mormon update Historic chapel to be...

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Book of Mormon Lesson 15 – “Eternally Indebted to Your Heavenly Father”

Sunday School Bonanza – 10-minute Gospel Doctrine preparation Please subscribe in iTunes. Your life will be so much easier. Or check out the RSS feed. Mosiah 1-3 King Benjamin stresses the importance of keeping records The importance of serving others and discharging our debt before God King Benjamin testifies of the Atonement Teacher’s manual Student...

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Episode #114 – …After Hours

Part 2 of our General Conference recap! What more shall we learn? Before that, though, we still have some news. It’s listed below. Stories: McKay Coppins’ take on black people Mitt Romney has a tense moment at a town hall EchoHawk steps down Rick Warren on Mormons Raul Labrador gives it to NBC Bomb near a church Tour inside the Kansas City Temple Lawrence O’Donnell – jackweed It Gets Better...

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