Month: October 2012

Mormon Temples and Mormon Chapels Compared

There’s often a bit of confusion for those not of the Mormon faith when it comes to the difference between temples and chapels. Do Mormons worship in temples every week? Do temples cause traffic nightmares? Why can’t I go inside a temple when I’ve been to Church with a Mormon? This infographic highlights some of the key differences between Mormon temples, which are used for very specific purposes by smaller groups of people at a time, and Mormon chapels, which are everyday meetinghouses used for a wide variety of...

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Book of Mormon Lesson 40 – “Then Will I Gather Them In”

Sunday School Bonanza – Quick Gospel Doctrine Preparation Please subscribe in iTunes. It will make us happy. Or grab an RSS feed, if that’s what suits you. 3 Nephi 16, 20, & 21 What is the house of Israel? Why was it scattered? What do the gentiles have to do with it? Why was this important to the Nephites? Why is it important to us? Teacher’s manual Student...

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