This Week in Mormons

Episode #141 – The Great Pillow Fight (and More General Conference)

Holland’s Inner Anger

We’re back with part 2 of our General Conference recap, as well as some other news:

Marlin K. Jensen is released during General Conference, and the Church loses a progressive pragmatist with a flair for conflict resolution.

The Church backs off on its construction of a new nine-story building at the Provo MTC. How will this affect the changes in missionary work announced during General Conference? Victory to the people of Provo!

BYUtv has a new comedy show. It’s sort of OK.

Reverend Billy Graham meets with Mitt Romney and promptly removes The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from his list of “cults.” How kind. Pat Billy on the back, but not too hard or he might die.

Vanity Fair publishes an interesting – if flawed – piece on how the Church has been involved in politics from one time to another.

  1. Farewell to Jensen
  2. Church drops MTC plans
  3. Billy Graham loves Mormons
  4. The Church’s influence in politics

Geoff Openshaw


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  • Jen

    Al- It's too bad you won't go out with any girls who are over 30 and who live farther than 20 min away because I find you rather hilarious and absolutely charming. I, unfortunately, fall into both of those undesirable categories.

    Great show guys! Very informative and entertaining.

    • TWiM

      Yes, Al! Get her!

      And thanks. Hope you'll join us regularly.


    • TWiM

      what what what, this changes everything. Jen, come love me as no man has been loved, we are together at last!!!


  • Brittany Plothow

    ALAN! It was NOT me. Although, I agree that you cross the line. But as a person with a sardonic sense of humor I know that you are joking. Don't assume, ya butthead!

    Also, ditto what Jen said.

    • TWiM

      Hah, I figured out who, and I am sorry I ever doubted you :D


  • Valerie

    Geoff is engaged? Did I miss an episode where there was a big announcement?

    Well, congrats, but also… does this mean the end of TWiM is near? Come on, we all know how things go with our married friends disappearing.

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