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Episode #144 – The End of the Mormon Moment? (Kunkel’s Krinkles)

Let Them Eat Cake

The US election is over. Does this mean the Mormon Moment is over? We recap election stuff, Mitt Romney’s loss, and what this means for the continuing of the Mormon Moment and the Church going forward. All in all, we’re pretty proud of what’s happened to the Church in the past few years.

In other news – a Mormon potato physiologist dies. He invented the potato. This is serious.

The Circling the Wagons Conference happened this past weekend in Salt Lake. Did you go? Do you know someone who did?

LDS Tools experiences outages. be prepared!

A Mormon sexologist is going to teach you how to please your partner and take the taboos off of sex. That is right! You shall become like a high-class prostitute!

And MoTab’s YouTube channel gets some very awkward love on a very awkward playlist.

  1. The election and the Mormon Moment
    1. Romney lost, but Mormons won.
    2. The Church survived five years of campaigning
    3. Mormonism cost Romney the election
    4. The speech that Romney should have given
    5. Other Mormon election results
  2. Circling the Wagons
  3. A visit to the LA Temple visitors center
  4. Renowned potato physiologist dies
  5. LDS Tools outage
  6. Mormon sexologist!
Geoff Openshaw


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  • Melanie

    I had a Laurel Advisor talk only the 17 year old girls about sex once during a Law of Chastity lesson, she wanted to be very clear that sex is not bad, when you are married it should be enjoyed. I remember thinking that no one had talked to us like that before. So although it is taboo for us to talk about, some people do and I think it's good.

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