This Week in Mormons

Episode #147 – Fact: Lamanite Thanksgiving Was Real


Let the record show – Al has publicly promised Geoff a Spotify Premium subscription.

MoTab has crossed the line. They claim the NBA is copying them.

Yeah Samake keeps his quest alive. This time, it’s to bring democracy back to Mali.

Does McKay Coppins write under the pen name Trent Toone? Sources say he does. And we are the source.

A would-be Slovenian boy wins the National Chess Championship.

And… it’s a slow week: Mitt’s Utah supporters are upset by his treatment from the GOP; language training for missionaries, the history of BYU film, and is a fugitive abusing Mormon hospitality?

  1. Yeah Samake!
  2. The NBA just LOVES MoTab! So much! They need them!
  3. Slovenian chess
  4. Brother Romney
  5. The Church’s holiday ads goes for the Christian jugular
  6. Fugitive Jason Brown is hiding among Mormons!
  7. Language training for missionaries
  8. History of BYU film

He’s Gone Color!

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      Your dentist is a smart individual. And I'd take free floss anytime. Saves me $3. Hook us up!

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