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“When [the difficulties of mortality] humble us and refine us and teach us and bless us, they can be powerful instruments in the hands of God to make us better people.”

Adversity! Great topic!

When was the last time you wanted to throw up your hands and cry, “Why Me!?” I have good news though. If you follow us at This Mormon Life, you might remember this occasion of adversity, or this one. Those things that are making your life so difficult right now, will make it even better soon. Don’t believe me? Then listen! Adversity can be a powerful ally on our road of discipleship.

Kristie has returned and she has some great desserts to make for Valentine’s Day this Sunday. If you are reading this on Sunday morning, don’t worry, there is a lot there and you probably can make a few with items already in your kitchen. At This Mormon Life, there is a challenge for you. How Much Do You Know About Howard W. Hunter? Grady created a fun and demanding quiz based on the life of President Hunter. If get a perfect score, make sure your Bishop doesn’t know or you’ll be called to teach third hour for sure!