Author: Geoff Openshaw

Church to Produce Fewer Styles of Printed Scriptures

In an attempt to “simplify” the process of printing scriptures, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced a reduction in the available styles or varieties of the sacred works. An article by THE Church News explains that starting in December, the presses will cool off, and fourteen styles will be discontinued in English, which will result in the reduction of six of those styles in Spanish and one in Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean. Changing “styles” means removing colors from the lineup, reducing the number of available sizes, and removing some features. For example, compact-sized scriptures are...

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Plans Submitted and Location Revealed for Richmond Virginia Temple

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints filed preliminary plans in Henrico County, Virginia for the Richmond Virginia Temple. That’s according to J. Elias O’Neal of Richmond BizSense. (Let’s pause for a brief moment and recognize that “J. Elias O’Neal” sounds like a comic book newspaper editor.) Although there are no renderings or specifics about the temple, we know that it will be a two-story, 36,200-square-foot structure and be built adjacent to a new 16,2000-square-foot meeting house. The site will be built on 11 acres of cleared woods. O’Neal describes the “temple complex” as 52,000 square feet, but...

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