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MoBach Round 2 Throwdown #3 – Jane vs. Melanie

Editors’ note: Welcome to the second round of MoBach reviews and critiques. The people at The Mormon Bachelor are delighted to curb your right to free speech. We are delighted to encourage free speech. The freer, the better. Go, team! Jane Madsen Geoff: Sheesh. I guess rent caps are benefiting someone, Jane. Nice abode. Al: I think Jane is in the north of Manhattan, the rent is cheaper above 85th see G: They liiiike each other. You can just tell. A: LOOOOVE! G: Times Square is kinda cliché, but Rick’s never been to NY, so who the heck cares? A: Time square is great, it’s just a fun place to go and feel like you’re in the city. It’s not the true “New York” but it’s very busy city feeling. G: I think this is Rick’s first time using public transit since he disavowed BART in San Francisco. A: What’s wrong with the BART? A: M&M hi fives… women love that. G: This video is really nicely shot; just the depth, lighting, colors. Good job, MoBach folks. G: Lovin the creepy Blair Witch footage atop 30 Rock. And now they are making out off camera. This is filthy. A: There is nothing better than hearing lips slobbering off camera. This is true reality TV. G: Holy romance, dude. The song, the slow-mo. Lens flares. Gnomeo and Juliet. It doesn’t...

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