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182nd Semiannual General Conference Tag Clouds

At This Week in Mormons, we value looking at the Gospel from every angle, and this includes finding creative ways to encapsulate the messages received in General Conference. One of these ways is to create tag clouds that graphically represent the most-used words in the talks of General Conference. The first tag cloud represents all five sessions of General Conference. Please note – we omitted “in the name of…” at the end of every talk not because it isn’t important, but because it is universal and would unfairly affect the tag clouds. The remaining tag clouds are for each...

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Episode #93 – Golden Catholics

Some updates on the deaths of two missionaries in Texas. Sad times. One of them was right near the end of his mission, too. Harold Bloom, reknowned jackweed, writes a very biased and senseless op-ed in the NYT. Joanna Brooks responds. Inclusiveness in the Church or exclusivity? What make someone “Mormon”? We’re debating this, especially based on the big tent nature of recent “I’m a Mormon” videos. Are we in a position to judge someone’s “Mormon-ness”? Other news: Over 40% of Americans are “uncomfortable” with having a Mormon in the White House, the Quetzaltenango Temple open house is underway, and good times with angry letters! El Clique: Remembering two missionaries Quetzaltenango open house Bloom article Joanna Brooks’ response Slate and Mormonism A Mormon DJ raver madman 4/10 Americans “uncomfortable” with a Mormon in the White...

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